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Welcome to our Section on Freemasonry. Here we hope you will find a range of Masonic related items that covers the spectrum of collectables. We have over 200 items listed and we are uploading daily, sometimes several times a day. This section, in addition to Books and Transactions, includes Masonic Tokens and Jewels and Certificates, various and different Collectables such as Masonic Playing Cards and Stamps in addition to general Masonic Ephemera , Prints and Photographs and a section devoted to Friendly Societies. Contact us with questions or queries. Enjoy browsing.

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0763. Sketchley Masonic Penny 1794
Books (200+)
Certificates, Documents & Summonses (Craft & Beyond) (11)
Collectables (for JEWELS see below): Cards, Stamps &c (28)
Ephemera: Ex Libris, Newspapers, Publicity Leaflets &c (14)
Esoteric, Occult & Friendly Socs & Orders (7)
Jewels, Medals, Tokens, Badges (100+)
Objects: Glass, Belts, Ties, Spoons, Swords &c (25)
Prints, Maps, Drawings & Photographs (75+)
Regalia (see also jewels above) (42)
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